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Free wine!

As I was shutting up my workshop this evening a troupe of boy scouts came trudging through the yard. I recognised the scout leader, a friend of mine called Alan, and it turned out they were camping on a neighbour's lawn. With them was another adult carrying a big rucksack. I was pleased to see him, because a few months ago he asked me to make a replacement handle for his (deceased) grandfather's lawn roller. This I had done and had sent a message, but he hadn't collected it. So I gave it to him now, and he asked 'How much do I owe you?' I said ,'Oh it doesn't matter'. But he said, 'I've got to give you something', and pulled a bottle of red wine out of his rucksack. I was surprised as I didn't think this was standard issue for scout camps, but Alan explained that he had expected to see me this weekend so had come prepared. I was not so churlish as to refuse it.

As for today's achievements, I finished two bowls rough turned green but now dried out. The first was from turkey oak, a piece given me by Chris Farrow and from the same tree as he has made some excellent turnings.

The second was another in my pear series, very delicate and thin. So thin in fact that if you hold it up to the light, the light shines through.

The other highlight of my day was when Malcolm, a good friend of mine, stopped by this morning to pick up some scrap metal, he brought with him two large chunks of wood, one cherry and one beech. He knows I am always on the lookout for interesting/awkward crutch pieces, especially with a twist - and that is exactly what he had brought. I look forward to opening them up to see what's inside!

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