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Today we had a visit from my poetic Irish friend,@ Noel Connor and his lovely wife Joan. She . who I had not met before, was the object of the romantic inscription which Noel commissioned from me last year. They are both wood lovers and both like my work, so showing them round my workshop and gallery was a pleasure. Jacky made lunch for us all and of course that was a pleasure too.

I still managed to fit in enough time to make this large oak serving board, which I think is a superb piece of wood. Part of the haul from my Suffolk trip.

I'm now working on a long serving board from the same tree, which I think will be a stunner. I'll post it when it's done.

Oh, why Donegal? Because it's been Noel and Joan's inspiration every summer for many years. And Noel's latest exhibition is in Derry. Check it out on Youtube!

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