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It's been sometime since I blogged, but things have been busy.

First there was the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend when I participated with PDA colleagues at the Whitworth Institute in Darley Dale. That was a really good event, over three days, with a very positive atmosphere and lots of people passing through. It's always a pleasure to work alongside PDA colleagues - they are so supportive and appreciative of one's work. And the visitors really liked my stuff, particularly a dining table presentation board in oak, which I have to say was a splendid piece of wood. Thank you Ray and Jeremy for enabling me to get it.

I took me a few days to recover from that. In the meantime everything on our smallholding was growing furiously, especially the weeds, so getting into the workshop slid down the priority list.

But on Wednesday evening I had committed to an Open Workshop for PDA colleagues and Jacky decided (predictably) that she wanted to provide food. I billed it as 'nibbles before' the workshop, followed by a 'light supper', so as not to put any pressure on her. Needless to say, she applied the pressure and produced a minor feast. In the meantime, I had to think carefully about what I could say and show in an hour to my non-woodworking colleagues that would give them some sense of what I do. Judging by the feedback, it was a success. I certainly enjoyed it.

I do all sorts of other things, but in recent years my signature products have been green turned bowls, particularly large ones. There wasn't time to do that on Wednesday evening, but I could demonstrate on small turnings.

Chris Farrow came to the Whitworth to see old colleagues, and brought me a piece of damson. This is it on the bandsaw before I cut it up.

I cut off two sections, sliced each down the middle and drew a circle for the bowl blanks.

The damson needed using quickly before it cracked, so it was ideal to use for my small turnings.

I put one blank in one lathe to demonstrate the turning of the outside, and another, with the outside already turned to demonstrate the turning of the inside. This is demonstrating the turning of the outside.

Of course i didn't finish either bowl on Wednesday evening, and I had two spares that were not even in the lathes. Today I finished roughing out all four.We will see how they move on drying out.

Thank you Chris.

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