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It's been a hectic few weeks winding up for exhibitions and shows.

First there was the opening of the Old Lockup Gallery in Cromford . I was flattered that the experienced owners wanted some of my work on permanent display.

Then tomorrow is the Peak District Artisans event of the year - the Great Dome Art Fair in the Buxton Dome. It is a great event, with most of the 60 odd members of the PDSA participating. This year members have put so much effort into it, I think it will be better than ever. And it will certainly be fun, as it always is. But exhausting!

Then on Monday we're off to Wales for a family holiday, but Jacky and I will have to go via Leek. This year the PDA has a month long exhibition in the Nicholson Gallery, and I need to drop off my exhibits en route. The set up is not until Tuesday, by which time I shall be in farthest Wales, but PDA colleagues will sort it out.

Then almost as soon as we are back from Wales, and my great friend from Ireland has arrived, there is the Ashover Show. Truly one of the nicest, most authentic agricultural shows left in England. My Irish friend's German partner (who can't be with us) is a great fan of Midsummer Murders, and is worried he is likely to be killed by a longbow shot. I have assured her that Inspector Barnaby will be on hand to solve the crime.

I shall be giving a talk at the Great Dome Art Fair, entitled ' The Neglected Beauty of English Wood'. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, here's one of the illustrations.

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