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 Roger Waterhouse

I am a wood turner and an artist in wood.

All my life I have loved working with wood. When I was younger, I made plenty of items of furniture for my family. But I also sculpted both figurative and abstract pieces just for the joy of it. I have always been fascinated by the way in which you can make wood reveal its beauty by the way in which you shape it.

I discovered turning when I was 30, and have been hooked on it ever since. It started as a hobby, but became a passion. For a long time now I've been making pieces both functional and artistic which people really appreciate. I choose the wood carefully, often from the standing tree, judging how the cut will affect the figure. I work with green wood which warps, with fallen wood which has intricate spalting, and with wood which has grown in a twisted and convoluted way. Almost all my wood is locally sourced. And each piece I make is completely unique.

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